Milestone XProtect® Corporate Software obtains GDPR-ready certification

Milestone XProtect Corporate 2019 R2 is the first major video management software product to obtain a GDPR-ready certification covering all core VMS functions from EuroPriSe.

COPENHAGEN, July 22, 2019 - XProtect Corporate 2019 R2 is the first major video management software product to obtain the highly sought-after EuroPriSe (European Privacy Seal) GDPR-ready certification*. With the GDPR-ready certification from the independent and recognized institute EuroPriSe, end-users can be confident that they have the right foundation to build a GDPR compliant video surveillance installation.

The certification covers all core capabilities of Milestone XProtect Corporate, building on the native XProtect cyber security features. To help system integrators and end-users design, implement, and operate GDPR-compliant video management installations, Milestone Systems provides a holistic set of tools, including an extensive GDPR Privacy Guide with ready-to-use templates, as well as privacy awareness training for end-users.

“While GDPR is an EU-centric regulation, data privacy is a concern in many parts of the world, where we see similar regulations coming into force. GDPR is on par with, or in many cases tougher than these domestic regulations, so the EuroPriSe GDPR-ready certification is of great importance to us. System integrators and end-users can rest assured that they have the right foundation on which to build GDPR-compliant solutions,” says Chief Technology Officer Bjørn Skou Eilertsen, Milestone Systems, and continues:

“With the continuous technology evolution, video management products have become very powerful, which calls for a responsible use by end-customers. In 2017, Milestone Systems leaders joined more than 150 representatives from tech companies around the world in signing the Copenhagen Letter, a declaration that calls on tech companies to use technology in a responsible, human-centered way. Enabling our customers to protect personal data captured and processed by XProtect VMS systems is a natural extension of this commitment.”

The GDPR-ready certification covers Milestone Systems’ top range product XProtect Corporate. The ambition is to certify the entire XProtect VMS product range, to allow all sizes of installations to build their video management installations on a proven GDPR-ready base.

Seamless access to test licenses, audio improvements, and increased cyber security

Other updates in the new XProtect 2019 R2 release include a simplified process of working with and getting test licenses, as they can now be obtained directly from the Milestone Customer Dashboard, allowing partners to evaluate, test, and demo XProtect for one year without having to purchase the software upfront.

The 2019 R2 release also extends the capability of the existing audio support in the XProtect Web Client by adding support for broadcasting announcements to multiple camera-connected speakers at once, allowing personnel to use the XProtect Web Client to do mass communication when they want to warn a crowd or do promotional announcements. Also, the 2019 R2 release includes enhancements to XProtect Mobile by adding audio support to the innovative Video Push functionality. With the addition of supporting audio, this completes the solution and allows users to create even stronger documentation of incidents, even as they happen.

With the 2019 R2 release, it is possible to manage device passwords per device or per group of devices, directly from the XProtect Management Client. This provides an easier and faster way of securing the device security system and addressing potential vulnerabilities. Milestone Systems is taking yet another step forward in ensuring the best possible end-to-end security of XProtect by removing the ability to generate self-signed certificates in the XProtect Mobile Server and eliminating the option to use self-signed certificates in the XProtect Mobile client. This means that users can rest assured that XProtect Mobile complies with the highest security standard in the industry, with support for CA-signed certificates only.

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*EuroPriSe's criteria catalogue v201701 catalogue is pending approval pursuant to Article 42(5) GDPR and EuroPriSe GmbH has not been accredited as a certification body pursuant to Article 43 GDPR yet. EuroPriSe is dedicated to receiving the approval of its certification criteria and the accreditation as a certification body in accordance with Art. 42 f. GDPR asap.

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