Milestone Partners Prove Their Skills: 200,000 Course Registrations and Tutorial Views; 10,000 Certifications

Within the span of one week in mid-May, the Milestone Learning & Performance group celebrated three important benchmarks

COPENHAGEN, June 4, 2019 - On Tuesday May 14th Milestone’s 100,000th eLearning course completion registered in the Partner Learning Portal. Of the nearly 17,000 partners from 155 countries, three-fourths of them are new to Milestone Systems, and one third are entirely new to IP video surveillance. By 2019, the average learner is enrolling in 5 or more courses, and they follow through with a 95% completion rate.

A year ago this same week, Learning & Performance launched a suite of video tutorials on the Milestone YouTube channel. Today they have surpassed 100,000 views. With 113 videos in 24 playlists, the Milestone Learning & Performance video tutorials now account for half of the company’s total YouTube traffic.

Finally, as of Friday, May 10th, the 10,000th Milestone Partner was certified in the Partner Learning Portal. These certifications demonstrate a Milestone brand promise that the open platform community’s certified partners have the expertise necessary to perform in the field, to the benefit of satisfied customers around the globe.

Other good news comes from Milestone’s Learning & Performance team staffing. In March of this year, Tom Green was promoted to Senior Instructional Designer III. Tom has been with Milestone since 2016 and owns the development, maintenance, and overall quality of Milestone’s worldwide Certification Assessments, most notably MCIT, MCIE, and MCDE.

Tom also is responsible for creating, maintaining, and improving the instructor-led classes: TC1, TC2, and Solution Design. Last year he designed, developed, and released Milestone’s online Cloudlabs version of TC1, developing processes and performing Change Management as he rolled out the platform globally. In 2019, he is developing additional certifications for Cybersecurity and Developing with the MIP SDK (Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit).

“The Learning & Performance team is proud to be designing, developing, and delivering a program that is helping our Milestone Channel Partners on their journey from novices to skilled professionals, who ‘make the world see’ how video technology contributes to a safer, more secure world,” said Evan Stuckless, Senior Manager of Learning & Performance, Milestone Systems.

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