Small Town Goes High Tech to Address Big City Crime

The Village of Manteno, Illinois, deploys Milestone video management system for vehicle identification and traffic monitoring

BEAVERTON, OR - October 23, 2018. Milestone Systems, the open platform company in IP video management software (VMS), is the technology that the Village of Manteno, Illinois, recently installed for vehicle identification and traffic monitoring. With Manteno's proximity to Chicago and other major cities, when a crime is committed, or someone is wanted by the authorities, suspects frequently hit the highway — leading them straight to the Village of Manteno.

"The police in Manteno are often notified to be on the lookout for cars and suspects that may be coming through town," said Todd Creek, Owner and CEO of Dura-Tech, a network systems integrator based in Manteno. "Our police and city managers decided to install cameras along a section of the highway to see if we could capture more information and better identify vehicles."

The video surveillance installation was initiated for forensic purposes to monitor cars that come in and out of town. Officers can see live video feeds in real time or review recorded video. They can also watch and review video from their smartphones with the Milestone Mobile application.

Video can be monitored or reviewed at the station, as well as on system-installed department computers. If officers are out on patrol, they can pull up the cameras’ video feeds on their phones, tablets or laptops. Often when officers are in the station doing paperwork, they also monitor the cameras to track what's happening on the highway. After the initial system was in place, officers realized they could see license plates clearly, which prompted moving forward with adding a license plate recognition (LPR) video analytic module.

"With the Milestone XProtect LPR solution, we have a searchable database of video. If an incident occurs, we can catch enough data to help police locate or narrow down suspects," said Creek. "Even partial plate information greatly improves accuracy and speeds up the process when every minute is critical."

With the added video capabilities, Manteno authorities can alert agencies north or south of town to be on the lookout for specific vehicles with good description details. Not only is the system used as an investigative tool, but it also has become a proactive means to monitor activity and identify with certainty which direction a vehicle takes when leaving town.

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