First Public Showing of Upcoming Milestone VMS Release at Intersec 2017

The first product update of 2017 showcased at Intersec. The new version of the award-winning video management software includes performance optimizations and security enhancements

COPENHAGEN – January 22, 2017
.  Milestone Systems, the open platform company in networked video management software (VMS), offers partners and customers an early look at the new version of the market-leading XProtect VMS product suite at Milestone booth S1-H26 at Intersec 2017. The XProtect 2017 R1 software is available February 15.

Developed for the Milestone community

Fast-paced technology changes require short product development cycles. In response to feedback from the Milestone partner community, extensive XProtect software enhancements have been made to enable frequent product releases.

Three core VMS product releases are now delivered every year, in addition to the bi-monthly device pack releases supporting third-party devices.

This annual release schedule ensures that Milestone can rapidly respond to market demands enabling the implementation of new features and enhancements to existing product capabilities with a very short lead time.

Benefits in the upcoming XProtect release include: 

  • Improved system performance – Hardware accelerated video motion detection is an industry first for VMS software: It shifts video decoding from the CPU to the Integrated Graphics processor in Intel CPUs, giving mid-to-large scale installations improved performance at a lower hardware cost.
  • Further advances in cybersecurity – The 2017 R1 update includes a number of security enhancements for improved cybersecurity including two-step verification and greater control when granting user permission for Milestone’s advanced VMS products.
  • Smarter client experience – The alarm lists now available in the XProtect Web Client give users an overview of all system notifications that have occurred since the user last logged onto the system. Alarm lists provide a coherent experience when switching between the three Milestone clients, giving users true power of choice.
  • Better control with offline Smart Maps – The Smart Maps that were introduced last year now include support for ‘OpenStreetMap’ offline maps. Customers with offline installations can now take advantage of improved situational awareness by using maps.

Milestone Husky high-performance NVRs

The full Milestone Husky range is present at the Milestone booth, including the very popular M20 and M550A models.

The M20 is a quick-to-deploy building block for easy video business solutions. The preloaded software is an NVR-optimized version of XProtect Professional with a Smart Start system setup. This means compatible cameras are automatically configured when connected to the M20. The Smart Start plug-and-play feature enables automatic camera discovery, address allocation and allocation of camera storage to hard drives to balance load and automatic allocation of the camera to a view in XProtect. This makes the M20 the easiest installation ever for system integrators.

The M20 features an integrated managed switch with 8 or 16 ports capable of delivering power to connected devices (PoE+). In other words, 16 PoE-enabled cameras can be directly connected to the M20, requiring little to no installation or configuration.

The M550A builds on the high-performing, exclusive hardware design of the Milestone Husky server chassis, right in step with the previous releases in the Milestone Husky series. The M550A has a guaranteed recording performance of 1,400 Mb/s.

When combined with a video recording optimized RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) Controller supporting either RAID 5 or RAID 10, we get the industry’s highest performing NVR in the new enterprise class. The M550A supports up to 64 TB of internal raw storage in hot swappable drives and is capable of integration to enterprise-class storage systems.


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