Milestone Systems Leads the VMS Market and Celebrates with Free Version of Award Winning VMS

Milestone is launching a free version of the award winning XProtect VMS to accelerate the acceptance of open platform software

COPENHAGEN – October 10, 2016. 
Milestone Systems, the leading open platform company in video management software (VMS), announced the availability of XProtect Essential 2016 R3 as a free download to users worldwide. The software can be downloaded from the Milestone homepage and only demands registration to be fully functional.

Making XProtect Essential free gives thousands of new users the chance to take advantage of Milestone’s award winning software for use in businesses, organizations and at home. XProtect Essential is designed to provide a professional-grade safety experience as a standalone video security solution. It provides users with access to their system from anywhere via three different free and easy-to-use clients. The system has motion detection triggered-recording and the full range of Milestone export functions enabling users to deliver video evidence to law enforcement with a few clicks. 

Highlights of the free XProtect Essential 2016 R3:

  • Supports up to 8 cameras from the more than 5.000 supported devices currently supported by XProtect VMS. This enables users to freely pick the perfect cameras for their needs. The registration has to be renewed every 12 months for the systems to remain functional. XProtect Smart client, Milestone Mobile and XProtect Web Client are all supported by this free VMS. These clients are standard Milestone clients with full functionality.  
  • Upon registration, users of the free XProtect Essential gain access to the Milestone online support community dedicated to XProtect Essential at no cost. This online support is available 24/7.
  • An XProtect Essential 2016 R2 installation can be extended through the use of a subscription pack for a low yearly fee. The subscription pack includes eight additional camera licenses and Milestone Care Plus for one year enabling users to utilize Connected Services such as Push Notifications for Mobile Clients, Smart Connect - ease of deployment for Mobile Client and the Customer Dashboard system monitoring service.
  • Up to five subscription packs can be added to one system for a maximum of 48 supported cameras.
  • XProtect Essential follows the same high frequency release schedule as the rest of the XProtect products meaning that this software will be constantly updated even though it is free.
  • XProtect Essential can easily be upgraded to XProtect Express or other advanced Milestone VMS solutions if the need for extra functionality in the form of XProtect add-ons, interconnection of systems or more advanced features arises.

“With this release of a fully functional, but free version of our award winning VMS software, we are showing our dedication to open platform technology and our Milestone community,” says Kirsten Højland, Vice President of Global Marketing, Milestone Systems. “We strongly believe that our users should be free to choose the right VMS for any situation. We want our users to become part of a vibrant community moving towards a world where visual business systems make a difference.”

The free XProtect Essential 2016 R3 is available now for download at

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