Milestone Takes Open Platform Technology to the Next Level

Milestone Systems has released the Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit 2014 (MIP SDK 2014) for its updated suite of XProtect VMS products.

New development capabilities in the Milestone XProtect® 2014 product suite enable the next generation of integration, extended configuration and a framework for metadata. 

COPENHAGEN – May 22, 2014.  Milestone Systems, the open platform company in IP video management software (VMS), has released the Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit 2014 (MIP SDK 2014) for its updated suite of XProtect VMS products. The MIP SDK 2014 provides flexible access to video, events, metadata (data connected to video), configuration data and optimized functions for access control integration. This offers an even wider array of integration possibilities for the Milestone partner ecosystem.

A new integration framework in the MIP SDK 2014 enables fast and easy integration of access control systems with XProtect VMS through XProtect® Access Control Module 2014. The framework allows access control systems to use video functions in the XProtect® Smart Client interface, simplifying the user experience.  

New metadata framework

Milestone introduces an ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) compliant framework for handling and storing video-related metadata for its XProtect advanced VMS product range that includes XProtect® Corporate 2014 and XProtect® Expert 2014. Metadata is any data adding an information layer to video and audio streams.

Examples of new possibilities created by the use of metadata are:

  • Automatic presentation of bounding boxes around objects identified by camera-embedded video analytics. A bounding box is a frame that highlights an object in a video image. The box is based on the specific video analytics algorithms in the cameras to highlight objects of a specific type or color, objects moving in a certain direction and more. The XProtect Smart Client has built‐in support for displaying bounding boxes based on metadata generated by supported cameras.

  • GPS location information can be included when using Video Push in Milestone Mobile which has the option to include location metadata in Video Push. The location metadata in Video Push significantly enhances the validity of captured video recordings. It opens up an array of integration possibilities because the location metadata is available for third-party applications via the MIP SDK 2014.

Camera manufacturers and Milestone Solution Partners can use the metadata framework to tie metadata from video analytics (or any other metadata source) with specific video sequences, as long as the metadata is stored in ONVIF format. 

The MIP SDK 2014 also introduces the ability to make changes to configuration settings in the XProtect VMS. This enables Milestone Solution Partners, video service providers and end users to remotely control settings in the XProtect VMS from any third-party solution.

“As a cornerstone in Milestone’s open platform concept, the MIP SDK enables the unique and seamless integration of third-party applications and systems with XProtect. This empowers Milestone Solution Partners to extend the functionality of XProtect VMS to meet specific vertical or customer needs with complete video-enabled solutions, says Christian Bohn, Milestone Systems VP Corporate Marketing & Alliances. “With this 2014 release of MIP SDK we are giving our partners the opportunity to integrate with XProtect using metadata. This paves the way for innovative uses of video in business or security contexts. The new metadata framework in the 2014 release is a groundbreaking, future-oriented foundation for data-centric integrations with XProtect.”  

Technical reference

Please refer to the technical support section on for details on devices compatible with the XProtect metadata framework.

XProtect MIP SDK 2014 is compatible with:

  • XProtect Corporate 2014
  • XProtect Expert 2014
  • XProtect® Enterprise 2014
  • XProtect® Professional 2014
  • XProtect® Express 2014

Use of metadata and the system configuration Application Programming Interface (API) are only supported in XProtect Corporate 2014 and XProtect Expert 2014.

The MIP SDK is available now for all Milestone Solution partners.


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