Three Counties Showground eradicates vandalism with wireless Milestone IP video

Public facility in UK using IP surveillance to manage crime and monitor traffic.

United Kingdom, 9 May 2005

Due to the sheer physical size of the Three Counties Showground with numerous entranceways and public access areas, vandalism was becoming a major problem. After normal closing time people could still wander into the showground, commit acts of vandalism or machinery theft, and an attempt was made to steal the on-site cash machine. It was physically impossible to lay co-axial cables in the ground for standard CCTV coverage due to constant work for the Horticultural Shows. Off-site monitoring was also required.

View-IT (a Gardiner Security Integration Partner) installed a wireless transmitter, Milestone XProtect IP video surveillance software, as well as Axis 2130 and 213 network cameras. After placing the surveillance cameras over all the workshop areas, vandalism and theft from these areas was eradicated.

Entrance Monitoring with Number Plate Recognition

View-IT was on site installing a new cabling infrastructure and telephone system and heard of the crime problems. With their experience in voice and data networking, they recommended using this technology to move video images wirelessly around the campus for storage onto a server located in the main communications room.

David James, Managing Director of View-IT states, "We had the wireless technology skills and Gardiner Security helped us to select a Milestone software solution working with Axis fully functional PTZ and fixed cameras."

Three Counties Showground now monitor movements at all of the entrance areas. The Axis 213 PTZ cameras are strategically located throughout the site, set to record all movements on motion detection. The software directs the camera to patrol in ‘touring modes’, and they are capable of viewing huge areas. When a car enters the showground, the Axis 2130 fixed cameras capture car number plates as they move into the entranceways. All information is stored on the Milestone server.

The Milestone and Axis solution meets the challenge of monitoring 90,000 visitors per year – many who have pre-paid for tickets over the Internet. The XProtect Remote Client software enables video monitoring to take place after the showground has closed to the public, with viewing of live or recorded images from the manager’s home.

Ashley Willoughby, Computer and Security Manager for Three Counties, is delighted with the new system: "We have a stable, leading-edge technology system that is helping our fight against criminal activities very successfully. We would recommend this system to everybody."

Glenn Fletcher, National Sales Manager for Gardiner Security’s Integrated Systems Division, sees View-It as a specialist installer with the perfect skills required to handle these converged solutions: "The market is ready for video surveillance working over Ethernet architecture. At Gardiner Security we are working closely with companies to give them the accreditation of Network Video Integration Partners."