Nomad Worldwide is innovative with their IP video surveillance

Digital printing company uses Milestone for multi-purpose monitoring.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, 27 February 2004

Nomad Worldwide, digital printer and creator of WallScape media, uses a Milestone networked video solution to integrate advanced surveillance functionality with their entire business system - and for multiple purposes.

Nomad Worldwide LLC is taking advantage of the best networked digital technology to integrate their total IT solution, using IP video surveillance for more than just security. Monitoring for break-ins, fire, environmental waste procedures, internal theft, and round-the-clock production quality control are easily handled by management – even remotely from home or when travelling. In addition, the network approach allows easy, cost-effective expansion for future growth.

Nomad thoroughly investigated the market and found Milestone Systems, a truly digital IP video solution for networked surveillance. Running the software over a LAN, WAN or the internet provides many options for optimal efficiency.

"The Milestone solution is flexible and scalable, advanced, open, and able to be integrated as part of our entire network business solution. That’s what we tested so we would know it works. It’s not so much designing the system for today, but for the unknown tomorrow," says Chandler Griffin, Chief Technology Officer at Nomad Worldwide LLC. "We are using every feature of the Xprotect Business software to the hilt: detecting motion, utilizing VPN, and scheduling recording from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m., or with other cameras recording all day."

Nomad's deployment of the IP video surveillance system is very innovative: they started out wanting to handle basic security needs, but figured out that it can also be useful for many other business applications like checking employee adherence to chemical waste disposal requirements, quality control of the printing machines in production, and even customer logon to the system via the web for checking the progress of their campaigns.

"With Milestone XProtect and its web functionality, our managers – many of whom commute to work in the city - can view during the night what is happening on the production floor or if there's an intrusion from outside. Every person that needs an alert, gets one," he adds.

Nomad has a stable, robust and proven solution that enables central control of facility monitoring, with the flexible scalability to easily add new cameras anytime. Milestone's flagship product, XProtect Business, operates a combination of Axis 2100 cameras with Power Over LAN, all running on Windows 2000. In their network setup, Nomad has Cisco switches and routers.