Milestone Xprotect Business 3.0 released

Milestone releases Xprotect Business for IP-based surveillance.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - 26 August 2002.

Milestone Xprotect Business 3.0a has many exciting features like sound recording/playback/live monitoring and advanced PTZ control to name but a few. It is also possible to make audio recordings, perform fully automated Pan/Tilt/Zoom patrolling, and to record with Mega Pixel Cameras.

Audio Recording

With Xprotect Business 3.0 you can record digital audio 24-hours a day from multiple cameras at the same time. You can also listen to the audio live from each microphone one by one. You can play back your recorded audio with your video recordings (any camera) and the audio is archived daily together with the video. Audio recording requires the use of an IndigoVision Video Bridge IP Camera/Video Server or the Axis 2120 camera with the 2191 Audio Module.

Fully Automated Pan/Tilt/Zoom Patrolling

The Pan/Tilt/Zoom control has been greatly improved in the new version.

You can now

- Define up to 25 preset positions

- Do motion sensitive patrolling among preset positions

- Go to preset positions on input from an I/O sensor

There is also support for new network PTZ cameras, including Canon's VB-C10 camera.

Recording from Mega Pixel Cameras

In response to requests for support for cameras with higher resolutions for special purposes, in Xprotect Business 3.0 there is now support for IQinVision's IQeye3 1.3 Mega pixel camera. This camera provides an image resolution that really makes your Xprotect video surveillance system stand out. Unrivalled by any analog or digital video system, it is ideal for special applications, including for use with iPIX 180 degree PTZ enabled.

Other Improvements

The Xprotect Business 3.0 product has been improved in many other ways, including:

- Support for output ports/relays on Axis 2400/2401 (i.e. for auto/manual remote control)

- Support for multiple input ports on Axis 2400/2401

- Improved support for IndigoVision IP cameras and video servers

- Improved iPIX 180 degree digital PTZ support (add-on option)

- Improved error handling and recovery of recordings

Milestone Xprotect Business 3.0 has many other improvements not visible to the eye. A significant advance is that the software has been prepared for integration with Milestone's upcoming "Alarm Monitor" product, allowing Xprotect installations to be monitored from a central site.