Milestone releases multiple language versions of XProtect IP video solutions

XProtect software now available in 6 languages.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, 11 May 2005

Milestone Systems has released six language versions of their popular XProtect IP video surveillance products to provide even better support for more than 8,500 customers worldwide.

Milestone Systems now offers six language versions of their XProtect IP video surveillance software: English, Danish, French, German, Spanish and Italian. This means even better support for the thousands of customers using the Milestone solutions around the world. Milestone software is sold through a channel of more than 150 authorized partners in 52 countries and is operating today on 87,000 cameras. Until now, the company’s software has mainly been sold in English versions, as that language has had the broadest usability.

With the convergence of IT technology and traditional security solutions, networked video surveillance systems are experiencing fast-growing demand, and Milestone Systems is at the forefront of this progress. As the number of partners and customers is growing dramatically, Milestone is keeping pace with continuous product innovations. In addition to continually developing new technological functionality for more effective security operations, the release of more language versions ensures users easier use of the software.

"Many of our partners have asked for more language versions, and we aim to support them in their markets," says Henrik Friborg, Co-Founder and VP Strategic Partner Alliances at Milestone Systems. "We are an international company with the goal of developing our software to become a standard in the security industry worldwide. The easier we make it for customers to use, the easier it is for our partners to get it out in their regions."

Less than a handful of security system providers are offering their products in multiple language versions today. This advantage now can be added to Milestone software’s list of benefits, along with the fact that XProtect offers independence of choice when partners and customers decide which hardware they want to use in their security installations. Milestone software supports over 90 various models of network cameras and video servers from such leading manufacturers as Axis, JVC, IPIX, Mobotix, Panasonic, Pixord, Sanyo, Sony and Toshiba.