Milestone announces the release of XProtect Enterprise 6.0

The most comprehensive packaging of IP video management tools yet.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, 17 November 2006

Milestone Systems, the market leader for open platform IP video surveillance software, announces the release of XProtect Enterprise version 6.0, delivered with the Smart Client, Remote Client, PDA Client and Matrix functionality. It is the most comprehensive packaging of IP video software management tools from the company to date.
XProtect Enterprise (XPE) is the top-of-the-line Milestone software, designed for IP video surveillance installations with multiple servers or multiple sites, managing unlimited numbers of cameras. XPE Version 6.0 contains important new functionality for more efficient management of an IP video installation. It is delivered to customers with a choice of clients for flexible remote access to both live and recorded video, as well as with a Matrix plug-in.

By offering user interface options with XPE, customers have the freedom to choose which one best serves their installation needs and IT management structure. The Remote Client can run from the system server or from a user’s local computer, whereas the Smart Client is installed directly on the user’s PC, and the PDA Client allows mobile access to the surveillance. The Matrix module allows the Smart Client to display camera views controlled remotely from other computers using the Matrix interface across the TCP/IP network, either sending images to appear on command or based on event triggers like a door opening or a panic button pressed.

XProtect Enterprise 6.0 also contains features which move important operations out to the Smart Client – the flexible and user friendly interface to the open platform IP video software. The XProtect Recording Server is now more compliant with today’s IT environments, as well. Other highlights are digital zoom, audio support and matrix support in the Smart Client. Additional features include in headlines:

  • Microsoft Active Directory authentication & authorization for centralized user management
  • Recording Server Service for full Windows compliance and automatic system startup after reboot
  • Audio Support in Smart Client for remote listen-in
  • Multi-window support for viewing more cameras with multiple computer monitors
  • Carousel, Hotspot viewing, and up to 64 camera views per window
  • Digital zoom in to image details while still recording in full view
  • Goto preset positions or Goto camera from context menu
  • Copy image to clipboard for easy evidence sharing
  • Update on Motion Only to save on CPU power
  • Graphical timeline for fast searching
  • Advanced keyboard control command enables easy switching by camera number

XProtect Enterprise 6.0 also marks the biggest release ever in the number of new hardware devices supported: 15 new network models from leading manufacturers. The software already supported more than 200 models from 30 manufacturers – the widest choice available in the market.

"XProtect Enterprise version 6.0 moves our IP video open platform to the next level of powerful operations manageability," states Kim Macallan, Head of Product Management at Milestone Systems. "The total package provides customers with the most value for their money: flexible and efficient surveillance that’s reliable, robust and easily scalable for future business needs."

XProtect Enterprise is sold by Certified Milestone Partners around the world, based on the number of cameras or as site licenses. It will be available very soon in six other language versions besides English: Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

Multi-screen use of Milestone XProtect Enterprise 6.0 can use the Floating Window option in the Smart Client: watch a potentially huge number of cameras at the same time, from different servers and locations. Create unlimited floating views in different groups by buildings, departments, entrances, etc. Instantly find recordings in chosen time periods by browsing adjustable timespans with the Timeline Browser. Digital zoom for details in Live or Recorded images while still recording the full image!