John Lay Electronics, Swiss Panasonic distributor, is new Milestone partner

Primary Panasonic distributor in Switzerland now handles Milestone IP software.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, 5 May 2004.

John Lay Electronics AG joins the international partner network of Milestone Systems A/S, to distribute XProtect IP video surveillance solutions with Panasonic network cameras.

As the main distributor for Panasonic in Switzerland, John Lay Electronics is well equipped for the journey into the age of networked and virtual information. It is therefore natural that they now handle XProtect IP video surveillance solutions from Milestone Systems, the leading digital security software available on the market today.

"John Lay Electronics has always had the knack of backing the right horses, so to speak – choosing the right partners and products that keep us on top of the market's requirements. The new focus is now on full and integrated networking, so we are very pleased to offer customers the Milestone XProtect software," states Roger Meier, Product Manager at John Lay. "It supports our Panasonic network camera models for total security solutions with the best technology in the industry."

Xprotect software is a Windows-based, 100% digital surveillance system for controlling up to 64 cameras per server. It runs on any standard PC, with an open platform that interfaces with all major video hardware connecting to a LAN, WAN or the internet. The software's scalability makes future expansions very efficient, and installations are fast. Customers can count on robust performance, advanced management, flexible scheduling, and quick image searching for evidence and analysis. It also has such intelligent functionality as video motion detection and speedup on activity, Pan-Tilt-Zoom control, and active operator alerts.

"John Lay Electronics is the ideal partner for us in Switzerland - their addition to our global network is a very positive development for our market coverage," says Henrik Friborg Jacobsen, VP Partner Relations at Milestone Systems. " We are looking forward to a successful business relationship."

John Lay Electronics is located near Luzern, Switzerland, and have a strong history since the 1940's within the technology sector. With a workforce of around 200 professionals, the company´s turnover currently stands at approximately 245 million Swiss Francs. They provide customers with overall solutions, integration, networking and consultancy in the areas of multimedia solutions, subscriber communication systems, broadcast solutions, and video surveillance systems.