IPIX becomes Milestone Development Partner

Milestone products will now support iPIX Fisheye Lenses for 180 degree views.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - 18 June 2002.

Customers of Milestone Systems digital video surveillance software will now view and record video images with a flexible angle of 180 degrees using standard cameras with Fisheye Lenses from iPIX.

Milestone Systems A/S and Internet Pictures Corporation (iPIX) have announced that an agreement has been made that will make IPIX one of Milestone Systems' esteemed development partners.

The agreement allows Milestone to integrate the iPIX technology into the Milestone software. For users, this means that they will be able to handle standard cameras as PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras with the Milestone surveillance software in the future. This is possible by combining the use of the patented iPIX technology with Fisheye Lenses, which allows the user to perform PTZ functions in already existing recordings.

iPIX is a publicly traded company (NASDAQ:IPIX) headquartered in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, with co-headquarters in San Ramon, California. They produce mission-critical imaging solutions to facilitate communication, security and commerce. The company's solutions include the capture, processing, management and distribution of images and related data. iPIX solutions create and manage a rich variety of media including still images, 360x360 degree immersive images, video, animation, text and audio.