Greater Media tunes in to IP video surveillance

Advanced protection of sophisticated radio equipment includes remote locations.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, 10 September 2004

To improve the protection of their sophisticated radio equipment, Greater Media Inc. upgraded their analog videotape security with a networked solution using Milestone XProtect IP video surveillance software. This allowed them to cut the cost of using a security guard while ensuring that nightshift employees were safe. Furthermore, the remote transmission sites at radio towers miles away are monitored via web access from the office or at home.

Greater Media now has central control of their security monitoring round-the-clock, and remote access via the web to check any location from anywhere, anytime. The network approach is cost effective and flexible, allowing them to easily add new cameras in future, and the software settings let them control the system's use of their bandwidth.
"One of the nice things is that I can check everything from home through the web. The Milestone XProtect software allows me to see the camera recordings or live images and define the views - all via the web. That's a really good feature," reports Paul Shulins, Director of Technical Operations at Greater Media.

Greater Media owns five FM stations in the Boston area: 92.9 WBOS, 96.9 TALK radio with the popular 'Imus in the Morning' show, Country 99.5, Classic Hits 105.7 WROR, and Continuous Soft Rock MAGIC 106.7 WMJX. Greater Media also owns radio stations in Philadelphia, Detroit, and New Jersey. In the Boston building alone, they have to protect millions of dollars worth of equipment. 200 people are working there, including about 60 very active sales people and deejays who also have nightshifts.

"When we first moved to this building, we had a security guard at the front desk nights and weekends; about 15 hours a day we were paying for that. When a new General Manager came, we looked at cost-saving measures and found that the guard wasn't doing too much, mostly sleeping or watching TV!" says Shulins.

That guard, costing approximately $15,000 a year, has been eliminated with the use of round-the-clock IP video surveillance using Milestone XProtect software and Axis 2100 network cameras.

Now Greater Media has solid security coverage of their business including 200,000 square feet in the main building and two transmitter sites. There is a microwave link that ties the building in with the tower locations. Along with that link is bandwidth for their business network WAN. The Axis cameras work over the network so they are able to connect to the cameras at the towers in Andover and the Prudential building, that come back to the central PC running the Milestone software, where they view and log what's going on out there.

"It is so convenient that the security system runs over the network. Especially with the off-premise sites: the network was already in place so we were able to just connect another camera there - that was really cool. We can add more cameras anytime without having to lay new cable," states Shulins.