Gardiner Security signs pan-European agreement with Milestone Systems

Gardiner Security signs pan-European agreement with Milestone Systems furthering expansions in the growing IP security market.

PARIS, France, 19 April 2004.

Milestone Systems A/S has signed an important new partner agreement with Gardiner Group Europe SA, based out of France, to be an authorized distributor of the Milestone line of IP video surveillance software in all of its European markets.

Gardiner Group is an established supplier of security solutions throughout Europe, with offices in the UK and Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, France, Norway, Sweden, and The Netherlands. In response to increasing demands for IP-based network solutions, the Group investigated available software to offer its customers and chose Milestone Systems as the most advanced and stable products available today.

Gardiner Security Limited in the UK was the Group’s first subsidiary to become a distributor for Milestone Systems in 2004, and has been very pleased with the products and support.

"This geographic expansion of our relationship will lift both Milestone and Gardiner Group to another level in the European marketplace," says Thomas Leistiko, EU Manager for Milestone Systems. "Both companies represent leadership positions in the security industry: Milestone on the forefront of IP video surveillance software development and Gardiner at the helm of a strong partner channel. We expect this to open up new venues for sales of our products, especially with Gardiner Group’s Cisco Gold and Silver Partners who are very knowledgeable in the IT network area and looking to expand their solution offerings."

The traditional approach to video surveillance has been using analog technology with expensive, labor-intensive coaxial cabling and video cassette tape handling. The market is experiencing a transition to use of network technology to automate security systems. This brings many advantages in cost effectiveness, speed and ease of use, central control and remote access, plus intelligent functionality.

Milestone Systems was one of the first software development companies to address this opportunity: today more than 8,500 customers use their IP video surveillance software, which is robust and proven in operation with 87,000 cameras worldwide.

"Gardiner Security is very excited about the opportunities this agreement will bring: better security solutions for our customers and the ability to continue as a leader in the European market, expanding our options for growth," says Dominic Tee, Group Product and Purchasing Manager for Gardiner Group Europe SA. "We are planning dynamic European roadshows to get the word out about IP surveillance and all the benefits it can reap."