Elsinore harbor uses Milestone surveillance against terrorism and vandalism

Scandlines AG has chosen an IP video solution for their harbors and ferry boats.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, 5 December 2003.

Since the "9-11" events on the Eastern coast of the U.S., there's been a heightened focus on security in harbor areas. Scandlines AG, one of the world's most frequently running shipping companies, has made it their highest priority, and installed the best digital surveillance available to help prevent terrorism and vandalism, ensuring the safety of their property, employees and passengers.

Scandlines AG has installed a pilot project using networked video surveillance software from Milestone Systems, in the port they manage at Elsinore Harbor, a busy traffic juncture in the main artery between the Nordic countries.

Scandlines handles around 160,000 ferry departures, annually transporting circa 20 million passengers, 4 million cars and about 900,000 trucks. They manage 18 ferry routes between harbors in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and the Baltics. Today there are 2,600 employees in Scandlines, managing the harbor traffic or working in the catering or retail businesses onboard the ferries.

These diverse activities demand great flexibility from their security system and security is a critical parameter for Scandlines' success. They have chosen to build this up around a Milestone digital video surveillance solution, sold and installed by AC Sikring A/S, with the first implementation in the port of Elsinore in Northern Denmark – famous for Shakespeare's Hamlet in the castle looking out over the water. Now the Milestone solution will help Scandlines look out for the people moving through its harbor.

"This system is the most modern, and makes it easy to expand our security solution. That is important for us: now that we have digital surveillance of the harbor terminals, we want to use it on the ferries and integrate it with retail security in the boutiques onboard," says Vagn Klog, Claims and Risk Manager at Scandlines AG.

With Milestone software based on IP network technology and an open platform, Scandlines has a security system that is future-safe, flexible and scalable, with the ability to add new cameras of their choice anytime. The solution is installed to prevent terrorism and monitor vandalism, providing a safer environment for personnel and passengers. They also use the system for more than just surveillance – it is a work tool for the bridge guards to maintain overviews for better coordination of the ship and traffic arrivals, departures, loading and unloading of cargo.