Milestone Systems Expands Development of Integration with Optex

XProtect® links with data from Redscan IP laser and IR detectors to verify perimeter security surveillance and reduce false alarms.

XProtect® links with data from Redscan IP laser and IR detectors to verify perimeter security surveillance and reduce false alarms.


COPENHAGEN/OTSU, JAPAN – August 9, 2012.  Milestone Systems and Optex, Inc. are expanding integration development with dedicated support of IP sensors and detectors for Milestone XProtect® video management software (VMS).  The detector scan and video data are configured and displayed together in Milestone’s easy-to-use XProtect® Smart Client interface, eliminating the need to run two separate applications while lowering bandwidth consumption. This interoperability creates features and benefits unprecedented in the security industry for video verification and full control of perimeter security applications in all lighting conditions.


  • Increased reliability: Advanced sensing algorithms in Optex Red­scan Laser-Scan and SIP (Synthesized Intelligent Passive Infrared) detectors offer accurate detection in real time, which significantly reduces false alarms.
  • Detection in difficult lighting conditions: The detectors provide advanced accuracy in environments where there is inconsistent lighting or none at all. Reflections off water, mixed lighting areas and high contrast views like backlit entrances to tunnels can be a challenge for cameras alone.
  • Works in ways cameras cannot: Because the laser scan is very directional, the detector can be positioned in a vertical or horizontal plane for a variety of conditions cameras cannot capture. For example, a virtual laser wall is useful for museums to catch hands reaching out to grab an object.
  • Immediate, reliable response in real-time: With the map function in XProtect Smart Client, the detectors identify and alert on a point of intrusion to visually verify a security incident for fast and appropriate response.
  • Improved evidence: Record, play back and export IP sensor and detector data with video documentation to provide an accurate timeline and overview of incidents.


As part of the Optex Redwall product family, the Redscan Laser-Scan IP detectors identify moving objects’ size, speed, and distance. The devices process that information with a unique algorithm, resulting in a highly reliable detection system with minimal false alarms. SIP detectors use passive infrared technology with synthesized intelligent algorithms for reliable detection, especially in difficult lighting environments.


“Continued integration of innovative Optex products into the Milestone [XProtect] VMS will enable more accurate and reliable video analytics, reducing false alarms,” says Ryosuke Miwa, Optex’s general manager of global sales and marketing. “Combining Redscan area and object data with the Milestone open platform will give unprecedented new levels of security for critical infrastructure such as electrical power plants or water reservoirs and commercial applications.”


“Innovation through partnership is the backbone of the Milestone open platform and our close collaboration with Optex epitomizes this. Milestone is demonstrating its industry leadership by being the first VMS [provider] to develop dedicated support for IP detection and sensor devices,” says Martin Friis-Mikkelsen, Head of Strategic Alliances at Milestone Systems.


Milestone’s release of the August XProtect Device Pack 6.2 will include integration of Optex detection products with XProtect VMS. XProtect Device Packs will also be available in the future for the Optex IP laser and passive infrared detectors. The solutions will be presented at the ASIS trade show in Philadelphia, September 10-13 at the Milestone booth #3126 and the Optex booth #2617.

About Optex

Optex Co., Ltd, is a global leader in indoor and outdoor security sensors, including hardwired and wireless outdoor detectors and photobeams, specialized sensors to trigger CCTV systems, and a one-of-a-kind Class-1 laser detector for high security applications. Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Otsu, Japan, with sales and marketing subsidiaries worldwide, Optex also provides sensor solutions for access control, industrial quality control and safety, and environmental monitoring. For more information on Optex, visit:


About Milestone
Founded in 1998, Milestone Systems is the global industry leader in open platform IP video management software, according to IMS Research. The XProtect® platform delivers powerful surveillance that is easy to manage, reliable and proven in thousands of customer installations around the world. With support for the widest choice in network hardware and integration with other systems, XProtect provides best-in-class solutions to video enable organizations – managing risks, protecting people and assets, optimizing processes and reducing costs. Milestone software is sold through authorized and certified partners. For more information, visit:


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