New Generation of Security Association Members

The Danish security industry gets tailor-made IT networking courses from Milestone Systems.
Copenhagen, 24 June 2008 – As the video surveillance market changes from traditional analog technology to being IP-based, the Danish Industry Association for Safety and Security is experiencing a need for increased education.  Milestone Systems is providing the network expertise, holding a series of valuable IT knowledge courses for the members, specially relating to the new digital developments for security applications.
Traditionally, the Danish security industry has worked with analog installations, however, the transition to digital IP-based technologies is in full progression. According to the predictions of a number of industry analysts, a third of the global market in 2010 will have changed their analog technology to digital IP-based solutions.

“As an association, we are part of setting the standard for the industry, and if we are to continue with an approach of “best practice”, it is necessary to have a larger fundamental knowledge of the development from analog to network-based technology. Milestone Systems is one of the world leaders for IP video management software, so it was therefore natural that they were the ones chosen for educating our members,” says Bo G. Jørgensen, Education Manager for the Danish Industry Association for Safety and Security.

The Danish Industry Association for Safety and Security now offers its members a number of intensive courses regarding the transition from analog to digital technology. Milestone Systems, a Danish-based international manufacturer of IP video surveillance management software, is responsible for the training process. Milestone Systems was one of the first on the market with this ground-breaking technology.

IP technology enables more effective integration with other systems, resulting in significant reduction in effort, more effective performance and usage of existing resources. Security and safety are improved because the IP-based technology makes it possible to centralize control, and add more applications like integrations with biometric iris scanning, face recognition and other sorts of high-tech analytic tools.

IMS Research in England and the analysis institute Frost & Sullivan estimate that the global market for network cameras and IP-based video surveillance software will reach 1.8 billion USD in 2010, where 480 million USD will be for software alone.

“In 2007, only 10-15 percent of the security market was digital, but now the transition from analog to network-based technology is in full swing. To a great extent, the market is demanding more flexibility, which is possible with our open platform. The digitial approach makes it possible to reach every corner of a company, a regional area or the entire world, so safety levels are increased significantly,” says Lars Thinggaard, CEO and President of Milestone Systems.

The Danish Industry Association for Safety and Security found it necessary to increase knowledge about IT networking with the benefits of an open platform and IP-based technology. They therefore took full advantage when Milestone Systems offered a number of custom-made courses for the association’s 280 members.

The first course took place in the beginning of April, and among the participants was technician Jesper Rasmussen from Siemens, who works with technical installations of burglar alarms and video surveillance on a daily basis.

“I especially needed a refresher on my knowledge regarding network capacity, techniques and trouble-shooting, and the Milestone course teacher gave us plenty of constructive and practical tips, which I have already applied in my work. The fact that we had the possibility to test the theories during the course was of great value. It was also planned so that even the most inexperienced could participate. Simultaneously, I got a glimpse of Milestone Systems’ technologies. It is remarkable how far-sighted they are in a market that is still developing in regards to network-based technology,” says Jesper Rasmussen, a technician at Siemens.

Milestone is holding a number of these IT-focused seminars for the members of the Danish Security Association across the country throughout 2008. Security Associations and security companies in other countries have heard about this and also expressed interest.  Besides educating on general network technology, the courses also present IP video surveillance solutions and other network-based security applications that help improve safety on a daily basis around the world.