Vi jobber fortsatt med å lære oss språket ditt

Vi jobber hardt for å sørge for at alle sidene på skal være tilgjengelige på så mange språk som mulig. Men denne prosessen tar tid. Selv om alle våre funksjoner er flerspråkelige. Noen sider, som denne, er ennå ikke tilgjengelig på ditt språk.
Takk for forståelsen.


Easy to manage digital video surveillance from TDC

TDC delivers, installs, configures and services total solution


Easy to manage digital video surveillance
Now it is easier to manage digital video surveillance for protection against vandalism, break-ins and theft. With TDC Video Surveillance, customers can have a total solution, where TDC delivers, installs, configures and services the IP-based system, which is installed on a company’s existing network.

"TDC Video Surveillance can also be accessed remotely via internet connec-tions. This means that it is possible to see either live or recorded images from IP network cameras from any location. The images are stored in high quality and can be shared as evidence material with the police, for example," says Marketing Director Peter Stig Andersen, TDC Business.

Customers can also make beneficial use of TDC Surveillance with VPN MPLS, which is a secure and fast network for businesses with geographically wide-spread divisions. This lets them monitor several locations from one central place, without the need to send images over the internet.

TDC's solution has at its core software from the Danish company Milestone Systems, and the IP cameras are delivered by Sony and the Swedish manu-facturer Axis Communications. TDC Video Surveillance can be customized for individual business requirements. A basic solution is targeted to smaller com-panies that need no more than four cameras for monitoring specific areas. A standard solution is suitable for those customers who have greater needs.

About TDC
In 2000, Tele Danmark, a Danish supplier of fastnet and mobile services, changed its name to TDC and quickly developed into a leading European supplier of sophisticated communications solutions. TDC today has more than 13 million customers in Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and Oman. The company also has ownership in the Danish-Russian Telecommunications Group that has established East-West connections be-tween Europe, Japan and Korea through a digital transmission system. Read more about TDC here:
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