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Australian city trials wireless video surveillance for greater safety

Melbourne's premier shopping and entertainment precinct protected.

Melbourne's top district for shopping and entertainment, Chapel Street, have installed a state-of-the-art surveillance system using IP technology with network cameras sending images wirelessly and controlled remotely either at a fixed base at Victoria Police or via laptop from anywhere in the world. The portable system allows the cameras to be moved to any site, as well.

The Milestone distributor in Australia, Alloys International, reports that Milestone XProtect Enterprise software is being used in this trial, installed by one of the systems integrators in their channel.

'At the ‘front end’, Dreampool have installed five Canon VB-C50iR network cameras. The cameras are driven by a software package that offers full functionality for the operator and most importantly, security. The software allows the cameras to record preset positions while police are not using the cameras operationally.

Telstra has provided the ‘back end’ solution to this project to provide a secure carrier grade network and storage facility for the digital footage. The image leaves the camera and travels back into Telstra’s dedicated IP Solutions Network, passes through two firewalls where it is then recorded onto Network Video Recorders that reside in Telstra’s Internet Data Centre.

The images are split and sent to Victoria Police for operational purposes and Dreampool for administration and housekeeping. Images will be kept for a minimum of four weeks and following agreement with Victoria Police surplus footage will be dumped. With Telstra’s expansive broadband network, the system can be easily deployed literally anywhere in Australia.

Cr Davies said Council was optimistic that the cameras would assist in improving community perceptions of safety in the City’s entertainment precincts: "The footage will be used by Victoria Police to pursue any anti social behaviour that has occurred and will assist in identifying and following up potential offenders. Police will now have access to high quality footage to investigate and follow up any incidents with the ability of the cameras to zoom in at close range and to see in very low light at high resolution with infrared capabilities."'