1. Milestone Interconnect and Milestone Husky NVR bundle
2. MIlestone Husky now available in Latin America
3. Samsung Techwin is now an Elite Partner
4. Milestone-Barco collaboration 
5. Multi-site deployment solved
6. Tips 'n Tricks 

Save more with Milestone Interconnect™ and Milestone Husky NVR bundle

For a limited period, Milestone is offering the Milestone Husky series of network video recorders (NVR) with a free Milestone Interconnect license. This capability allows NVRs to connect to Milestone XProtect® Corporate video management software (VMS), making it easier and more cost-effective to build a multi-site solution.

Milestone Interconnect is a system concept that allows any XProtect™ VMS installed at a local or remote site, to connect to XProtect Corporate installed at the central location.

The bundled offer is available from now until May 31, 2015 and by taking advantage of it, users will benefit from: 

-          Freedom of choice:  as the NVRs work on open platform system, there is complete freedom of choice when selecting the other components of the surveillance system. 

-          Increased security:  Milestone Interconnect and XProtect Corporate offer advanced operational efficiency, which extends to the systems at the local sites. With better incident handling features and 24x7 monitoring, overall security levels are increased.

-          Lowered investment cost: The NVR series offer scalability and can be customized to achieve an optimal solution, thus offering lowered initial costs of ownership

-          Low operating costs: Milestone Interconnect allows systems to be operated remotely, reducing the number of personnel required and the need for routine onsite visits. Additionally, with features like edge storage, available central storage and network resources can be utilized to reduce costs further. 

Click here to read more about this offer.

Milestone Husky NVRs are now available in Latin America


Fantastic news for our partners and clients in Latin America. The entire Milestone Husky™ Series of network video recorder (NVR) surveillance solutions are now available in the region.


The NVRs are available in compact, workstation, and rack-mounted models and offer users:

  • A perfect match of industrial-grade hardware pre-installed with Milestone’s leading video management software
  • Units that are easy to set up and maintain
  • End users can use their NVR as a standalone installation or use it to connect multiple NVR units at remote sites to XProtect™ Corporate for centralized management
  • The Milestone Husky™ M30 Hybrid and the Milestone Husky™ M50 Hybrid has analog channels and IP devices, which is a perfect solution for systems that use both analog and IP components.
  • Compatibility with the largest selection of cameras in the industry and the possibility to add a number of cameras to the configuration.


Milestone Husky is available in:



El Salvador


Saint Barts


French Guiana


Saint Martin








Trinidad and Tobago

Costa Rica




Dominican Republic






Puerto Rico



For questions or to custom build solutions from more than 50 preconfigured options, visit www.milestonehusky.com

Samsung Techwin is now an Elite Partner

Milestone is proud to announce Samsung Techwin’s elevation to Elite Partner status in the Milestone Camera Partner Program (CaPP). Established in 1977, Samung Techwin is a global leader in professional, industrial and consumer security products supply, and has an increasing presence in the area of video surveillance solutions.  They have a longstanding partnership with Milestone Systems, the open platform video management software (VMS) company and have been working on building strong video surveillance solutions. The partnership has now reached a new level.

To be named a Milestone Elite partner, companies must demonstrate outstanding sales, implementation, consulting and support for Milestone Systems solutions and consistently show excellence in business initiatives and marketing. 

Both companies have dedicated efforts to elevate the mutual technical and commercial engagement to a new level, resulting in the Elite Camera Partner status for Samsung Techwin. Samsung Techwin is one of only eight Milestone Camera Partners in the world to achieve this status.  

According to Christian Bohn, Milestone Systems VP Corporate Marketing & Alliances, “Milestone’s Elite partner level is the highest standard we offer. It demonstrates a Camera Partner’s commitment to achieving maximum return on investment for customers through superior product knowledge and a focus on long-term customer satisfaction.” Furthermore, customers can now benefit from superior camera technology fully supported by Milestone software with strong Samsung Techwin integration.

“Milestone and Samsung Techwin both bring the global reach that our customers and our ecosystems need, especially for larger projects. Together we have shown a strong and proven ability to drive performance and value in our integrated solutions,” says Jonas Andersson, Senior Vice President for Strategic Marketing, Samsung Techwin. “Cooperation with partners is a top priority for us, and we are excited to be recognized by Milestone with Elite Partner status.”

Click here to access the press release.

Milestone-Barco collaboration creates new benefits for control 

The much-anticipated Barco Video Wall – XProtect® Smart Wall integration is now available. Milestone and Barco have joined forces to create a solution that offers control center operators enhanced visual information through a common interface. Now that the XProtect Smart Wall supports Barco’s video wall, operators can select and use the video wall grids. Operators have three options to choose from to control the video wall: using Barco’s control room management CMS software suite, using the Milestone XProtect® Smart Client or by using both. 

With this integration, a Barco video wall controller can independently decode the requested streams and generate them on the video wall grid, as requested either through CMS or through the XProtect Smart Wall. The integration offers new customers the opportunity to design the workflow in a way that best suits their needs and existing customers a smooth upgrade. The events-based architecture in XProtect Smart Wall is also supported by the Barco platform, which automates rule-based changes in the visualization layer.


Some of the key features of integration: 

-       Event-based rules architecture supported by both the XProtect Smart Wall and Barco video wall

-       Increased situational awareness and reduced reaction times

-       Integrated display management and visual collaboration on one common platform


For more information: Milestone-Barco Video Wall integration

For questions, please contact: Suchit Rout Suchit.Rout@barco.com at Barco or partner@milestonesys.com


Useful checklist for multi-site deployment

For every business using video surveillance and security infrastructure, deploying the technology solution is a complicated task. Whether it is a single-location or multi-location implementation, the number of potential pitfalls during deployment also increases.

To overcome this complexity, Giacomo Catucci, CEO of ATG Group, a Milestone Systems certified partner and official Milestone Vertical Specialist,  has devised a “mantra” checklist for success. ATG is a systems integrator specializing in the retail sector and manufactures hardware for servers that run with Panasonic cameras and Milestone software. With more than 800 locations using Milestone XProtect® video management software (VMS), it is important for their customers to know how to avoid pitfalls when deploying across a range of sites.

The checklist below lists important tips gathered from ATG’s years of experience with site deployments:

1.     Reliability: It is crucial for Catucci and his team to be able to be able to provide optimal support to their clients regardless of their location. ATG’s video management solution runs on Milestone XProtect® Professional , software that Catucci says is one of the cornerstones of his business due to its ease of deployment and reliability.

2.     Scalability: According to Catucci, the ability to scale up and add numerous servers, an option with Milestone VMS, allows his customers to cater to the needs of each of their locations and accommodate every application without a problem.

3.     Flexibility: In the retail sector, licensing flexibility is essential for multi-location deployments. With Milestone VMS, a license can be moved from one location to another, a distinct advantage for ATG.

4.     Remote support: According to Catucci, when working with multi-site deployments it is important to be able to offer support from a distance. With XProtect® Professional ATG is able to manage multiple servers remotely and notify individual locations when there is an issue.

5.     Future ready: The greatest advantage of the open platform of Milestone VMS for multi-location deployments is that different locations can use different technologies and new features as they become available. The Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK supports different plug-ins, so ATG can adapt to customers’ changing needs.

6.     A paradigm of partnership: Catucci believes that working with a vendor who is as committed to the success of the integration as the integrator is critical to the success of his business. The result is that, over the years, the partnership between the two companies has gone from strength to strength and today, the ATG Group is one of Milestone’s top resellers.

7.     Global Reach: With customers based in several countries, it is necessary for ATG to have a VMS platform in multiple languages. All Milestone VMS products support multiple languages.

In short, some of the key features of the Milestone VMS like multi-server support, unlimited camera support, instant alert of potential issues and simple upgrade have helped ATG Group achieve continued success in the retail sector. Catucci’s checklist is a testimony to Milestone’s commitment to our partners.


Generating Test Licenses


Great news for Milestone distributors, resellers and camera partners. Milestone has introduced a new helpful functionality in the Software Registration portal. Users of the portal are now able to generate Test Licenses on their own and quickly gain an overall understanding of the Milestone video management software (VMS).

This functionality appears as a new tab in the Software Registration portal and offers users control over generation and retrieval of test licenses. Each test license supports up to 25 cameras and users can update their license to a newer version when it becomes available.

Please contact our Inside Sales team for more information.

Subscribing to SUP Reminders


One of the main benefits of having a Software Upgrade Plan (SUP) on your Milestone product is that Milestone customers can future-proof their installations and stay up-to-date with the latest features and additions to the Milestone XProtect® software.

To ensure continuous valid SUP and full benefits, we have added a new functionality in the Software Registration section: the SUP Reminder Service, which can be used by anyone with a Software License Code (SLC). By simply subscribing once to SUP reminders, users will receive a reminder 100 and 21 days before the SUP expires.

Remember that as the customer’s security requirements change over time they may wish to upgrade to a more advanced solution, SUP will give a full trade-in price on the current Milestone VMS product.  

Please contact our Inside Sales team for more information.

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