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Resource Library

Welcome to the Milestone Resource Library! This section gives you access to the latest versions of product information such as brochures, presentations and white papers.

To access the Milestone Brand Book, logos and graphic resources, select the Corporate imagery/logos tab under Document Type. To access manuals and guides, please go to the Support page.

Please note that after you log in, you may still be unable to access certain files. This is because you do not have the proper credentials to access the file. For more information about your user credentials, please contact Milestone.

Available resources
XProtect Express Boilerplate156.92 KB
Product release 2016 Professional print2.51 MB
Product release 2016 Professional web868.85 KB
[Collapse]Customer Story
Customer story: Dancing Moose519.28 KB
Customer story: Balbriggan-Credit-Union48.12 KB
Customer Story-San Lucido344.47 KB
XProtect Express logo (HighRes)670.15 KB
Milestone_XProtect_Express_Logo_Blue-Dark40.00 KB
XProtect_Express_Icon_White1.12 KB
XProtect Express sub-logo 201617.42 KB
XProtect Express logo (LowRes)2.58 KB
Milestone_XProtect_Express_Logo_Blue-White40.03 KB
XProtect_Express_Icon_Circle6.57 KB
XProtect_Express_Icon_Blue1.11 KB
Milestone_XProtect_Express_Logo_Blue-Dark40.00 KB
Milestone_XProtect_Express_Logo_Blue-White40.03 KB
How to upgrade your product - Quick Guide in English302.89 KB
XProtect Professional VMS Products 2016 R3 License Activation Guide in English421.10 KB