Creating efficient meetings in a melting pot

Vice President, People & Organization Claudia Lillebjerg Simonsen talks about the importance of an efficient meeting culture in a global company such as Milestone Systems


How do you create efficient meetings in company made up of 61 different nationalities in 21 geographical locations? It requires a flexible approach, one of Milestone’s core values, explains Claudia, who has developed a meeting concept of her own, consisting of the five Ps: Preparation, purpose, people, pulse and power. To Claudia, the key to efficient meetings across geographical cultures is preparing well and defining a clear purpose of the meeting. Focus should be on the people taking part in the meeting, and the meeting must have a pulse, so to speak, a fun and different flavor to it. Finally, power is a key element, ensuring that every meeting results in concrete actions. However, Milestone Systems does not have one set ways of conducting efficient meetings, Claudia says:

“We don’t have a one-size-fits-all model, when it comes to meetings. We experiment and adapt based on the different regions we work in. That’s flexibility in my view.”

Retrieved from Uddannelse & Udvikling. Read the full article in Danish here