Boon or bane, video tech has bridged gaps for the greater good

Benjamin Low, Vice President, APAC, Milestone Systems offers his perspective on video surveillance technology amidst the watchful eyes of privacy proponents,

Boon or bane, video surveillance tech has bridged gaps for the greater good

Video surveillance technology is often seen as a double-edged sword. For many years now, it had been under the spotlight with significant social, privacy, legal, and technological implications on society.

Yet, this year’s turbulent pandemic has given video surveillance and monitoring a leg up as an effective tool in identifying people with COVID-19 symptoms. 

Worldwide, when visiting most places, we will be subjected to temperature checks on cameras equipped with thermal scanners. Regulatory frameworks, data protection initiatives and stricter legislation have also been either relaxed or tweaked to sanction such video surveillance technology for the greater good.

Does this mean the pandemic has given such technology more clout amid concerns of potential abuse and breach?

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