EXCLUSIVE: Milestone's Benjamin Low explains how technology will combat COVID-19

In an exclusive interview, @IBTimesSG speaks to our APAC Vice President, Benjamin Low as he explains how technology can help the world see and defeat an unseen enemy - Covid-19.

While the global Coronavirus infection cases surpass the 1.6 million mark and the death toll has crossed 95,000, it is quite evident that the world is currently struggling to fight against the COVID-19. Even though several countries all around the world have imposed stricter safety measures such as lock-downs and social distancing, the number of infection and fatality cases are still growing. Since there is no vaccine or treatment available for COVID-19, many researchers, as well as biotech companies, have also joined the race to find a cure.

Meanwhile, some technology companies aim to help the international community fight against COVID-19.

Retrieved from International Business Times. Read the full article here

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