Cameras with AI integrated with facial recognition technology

During MIPS 2018 in Hanoi, VP APAC Benjamin Low, Milestone Systems, was interviewed by Channel 8 News about the latest development in video technology, among others facial recognition.


In order to crack down on crimes and prevent terrorist threats, many surveillance cameras were installed across Singapore. Apart from deterring crimes, evidence can also be provided when crimes take place.

In fact, surveillance cameras, when combined with artificial intelligence, may become as smart as the human brain to perform real-time analysis of images. Once an unusual circumstance is identified, it will immediately notify the relevant authorities. The entire monitoring process is fully automated. Other than recognising faces, fake car plate numbers can also be detected.

When clipped on the pocket, this video camera transmits images on the monitor. This can also be viewed on the mobile phone. The video camera incorporates facial recognition technology; when a suspect is identified, the authorities are then alerted.

Once fully charged, this portable video recorder can be used for eight hours and records up to 60 hours of footage. When plugged into the docking machine to recharge, the footage and data will be automatically sent to the central system for storage. When connected to the national citizen database, the monitoring screen also displays personal information such as each person's name, address, etc.

“We will encrypt the video inside the camera and transmit it only through the encrypted connection. Finally, we will ensure that only the organization that owns the camera can access the data to ensure that the video does not go missing or misused.” Nick Primavesi, Sales Director, Asia Pacific, said.

This intelligent analysis software is mainly used to monitor the traffic. In addition to timely detection of suspicious packages on the road, its search function can also help police solve crime cases. By simply entering search terms such as stolen car models or license plate number, the system will quickly scan a large number of pictures to find the missing car. A search in a 24-hour video takes place in just a few seconds.

Monica Wang, Senior Analyst at IHS Markit said, “In the future, enforcement authorities will continue to deal with issues such as missing elderly or children, suspects who have escaped across the region or suspicious vehicles. With car plate or facial recognition, they can be located in a shorter period of time.

In order to fully realise the capabilities of AI, there is also a need to ensure that the workforce has the required skills to operate the technology.

Benjamin Low, Vice President of Sales, Asia Pacific, Milestone Systems, said: "Take the current security guards as an example. If we are able to upgrade their skills for them to use such technology efficiently, their wages will also rise accordingly. This, in turn, becomes a a good development for the entire country."

Since 2016, this software company has been collaborating with the Institute of Technical Education to introduce security technology courses to educate the next generation of security personnel on their competency in the latest IT infrastructure.

See the full clipping in Chinese here

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