Milestone MIPS 2017: Share The Love Tour

This year’s MIPS event is continuing to drive the “community” platform model and Milestone’s continued focus on collaborative efforts with its partner base. This year’s theme is “Make the World See”

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It’s Valentine’s Day and Milestone has invited a couple hundred (ok, over 500) of their closest friends to their annual MIPS (Milestone Integrator Partner Summit) in San Antonio, TX. This event wants to share with its partners the latest Milestone news and information on what is happening at Milestone with its product line and as importantly to engage with their solution partners on what is being delivered to the market by Milestone and what can be delivered to the market collaboratively. Milestone is also looking to use this year’s MIPS to get the attendees feedback and to1 share the collective knowledge that is the entire community.

Strengthening this relationship with their solution partners and reseller/integrators is also a major reason to host this event, each year. Milestone is pushing the WHY question. Why do they exist as a company and what is their purpose of existing as a company within the physical security community. According to IHS Global June 2016 rankings, Milestone is positioned as the worldwide leader for VMS solutions with 150,000 installations, 6,000 cameras supported, 12,000 resellers and integrators, and 150 software integrations.

At vendor events like these, in many cases, it is like drinking from a firehose. So much information is shared and disseminated that you may actually miss some golden nuggets. Milestone is lucky to have over 50 partnering vendors here in San Antonio to help pay for such an event as well as to get their Milestone-integrated solutions out in front of so many resellers and integrators. This is the 12th MIPS event and by any measure of this iteration, I’m sure there will be one next year. If you work with Milestone, you should attend.


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