Top 10 NVRs of 2016: Milestone Husky M50 Advanced Comes in Fourth

Asmag highlights the top 10 Network Video Recorder (NVR) products form 2016, based on page views from

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To qualify for the top 10, the products on the list all adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The product must have been uploaded to the database between Jan. 2016 and Dec. 2016.
  • The main purpose of the NVR must be for professional security, no NVRs targeted at the smart home sector were included.
  • Only one NVR per company were chosen.

Viewing distribution charts are provided for each product to show from what regions each product is being viewed. Regions included in the charts are as follows: Asia, Americas, Europe and Oceania.

Technological advancements in this modern-day world have raised the basic standards of NVRs. From the increasingly higher resolution IP cameras, and the larger areas that require secure monitoring, internal storage, faster recording speeds and supporting channels has become a main focus in today’s NVRs. Moreover, the standard features of NVRs include mobile surveillance as well as real-time monitoring.


Read the full article and the top 10 list here

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