Spectra Verde Review

Storage Review's Adam Armstrong reviews Spectra Logic Verde storage platform and its application on Milestone XProtect VMS

Retrieved from Store Review.

Spectra Logic’s Verde with Archive SMR drives (formerly Verde DPE and now incorporated into the existing Verde product line) is a secondary file storage platform offering solution capacities ranging from 48TB up to an eye-popping 7.1PB of raw storage. Leveraging the existing Spectra Verde Family hardware combined with Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) disks, the Verde offers affordable (as low as $0.075/GB) high-capacity storage for enterprise, bulk storage, archive, unstructured data, large files, random reads, bulk deletes, and files that will need infrequent changes.

While this amount of data protection limits its overall appeal to a handful of use cases, one use case that is particularly interesting (and will soon become an issue for companies across almost all industries) is bulk video storage. Surveillance used to be relegated to institutions such as the financial sector, airports, and some manufacturing. While there are insights to be gained from these videos, there will also be tons of footage generated. And deriving value from this footage may not be so easy to ascertain. This footage needs to be stored for review at a later date, especially in regulated industries (like law enforcement), which may need to archive video footage for many months or longer. In these cases, the footage is less ethereal and needs to be maintained in a library that continues to grow by the day.

To get enough video surveillance data to stress-test the system with this use case in mind, we partnered with Milestone Systems. Milestone is a global leader in open platform IP video management software with over 100,000 customers worldwide. Milestone is the de facto standard when it comes to enterprise-grade video-surveillance software and offers a variety of products from software to preloaded NVRs. We used a combination of Milestone XProtect and hundreds of simulated cameras to stress the Spectra Verde and the underlying Seagate Archive HDDs in this review.


Read full simulation scenarios where Milestone XProtect is combined with Spectra Verde here.

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