Milestone Aims to Build a Connected Community of Partners

Milestone Systems is creating a homogenous world where partners are connected

Written by Prasanth Aby Thomas for Asmag.

Milestone System's global strategy is to build a community, not picking who should be part of it, but creating a homogenous world where partners are connected with each other and the company is a part of it.
Speaking to a&s on the sidelines of a recent event where Milestone launched its new office in Singapore, Kenneth Petersen, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for the company explained that the strategy is well-received worldwide across segments.
“It’s not up to us to push partners into the community, but so far we are fortunate that we are well received all over the globe and in all main segments: analytics, storage and so forth,” said Petersen.
However, the company pointed out that it is still early in its community development venture, which depends largely on market requirements. Moreover, the community is not necessarily Milestone-centric, they are only one of the nodes in the system.
“In terms of support we are rolling out several solutions that will make the communication between partners easier,” Petersen said. “For example, we want to develop a market place that will make solution selection easier, if you have a specific requirement, using the market place you will be able to quickly find the right solutions that fit your needs.”


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