Security Demands Rise in EMEA Amid Greater Danger

A&S International journalist William Pao gets industry opinion on EMEA's security demands

The GDP growth in Europe has been slow due to a combination of factors including unemployment, geopolitical tensions and a decline in exports due to a slowdown in China and other export destinations. Overall, the World Bank forecasts that GDP growth in the euro area will be 1.6 percent for both this year and next. The 1.6 percent for this year is smaller than the global average 2.4 percent forecasted.

Yet for the security industry in Europe, things are not quite the same: the exhibitors we spoke with during IFSEC 2016 almost unanimously agreed that a more noticeable growth will be seen later this year. “For security, we've seen basically last year we still had some impact in certain markets from the financial crisis. This year we can see that it's basically gone,” said Thomas Lausten, VP of EMEA at Milestone Systems.


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