Swinburne University adds analytics to CCTV with Milestone VMS

Swinburne University is upgrading its current security solution to tap into analytics on everything from number plate recognition to abnormal behavior

Swinburne University is leveraging its fleet of 930 IP-based CCTV security cameras to tap into analytics on everything from number plate recognition to abnormal behavior.

It plans to further bolster its capabilities in the future by adding heat maps and facial recognition platforms.

The move to IP-based digital CCTV, using Axis cameras and Milestone Corporate XProtect software, removed this physical limitation, allowing the university to centralise its storage of security footage at a data centre on its main campus in Hawthorn, where the analytics platforms are now hosted.

The university has now been able to leverage its IP infrastructure to introduce a number of analytics platforms, including iCetana for detecting unusual behavior and Snap Surveillance to learn about the physical relationship between cameras, which integrate into the core Milestone platform using APIs. Licence plate recognition comes as part of the Milestone package.

Other pieces of the analytics puzzle – such as people counting – are done using applications deployed to the end devices.


Read the full customer story on how Milestone Systems helps Swinburne University to upgrade the current security system by adding analytics to CCTV. 

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