CCTV Test: VMS GUIs and user friendliness

In this article Benchmark looks at options from ACT, Avigilon, CCTV Direct and Milestone Systems, and considers how well the VMS GUIs fit with end user expectations

he impact of VMS on the video surveillance market has been significant. Even for those who have never used a VMS, the software and its flexibility has shifted user expectations of what a surveillance system has been capable of.

For the end user, the attraction of a VMS-based system does not lie in the clever connectivity implemented by the code writers or in the tools that installers and integrators can use to build complex solutions with ease. It is much simpler than that. It lies in a solution which works for them.

This means that the GUI is a very important element, both in terms of allowing the user to access the security on offer, but also to drive the added value and benefits that the customer expects.

Meeting end user’s expectations is key to the prolonged success of a VMS-based solution.

Milestone Systems: XProtect Corporate 2016

XProtect Corporate 2016 is the latest incarnation of Milestone’s flagship VMS, and it adds some interesting new elements such as the ability to move devices within the system, a system monitor that allows performance issues to trigger alarms, hardware-based encoding to deliver fluid 4K streaming and push notifications.

Read the full review of Milestone XProtect Corporate 2016 on Benchmark Magazine.

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