Retail Security: How Can Biometrics, Video Analytics and Other Innovation Cut Record Theft Losses and Boost Commercial Performance?

Mikkel Løcke Winther, Senior Product Manager at Milestone Systems, contributed to a roundtable interview on how video-enabling can enhance their business processes

Written by Adam Bannister

Many retailers desire video-enabling to enhance business processes and gain more insight. They have diverse solutions stitched together by many technologies and the goal is to have these solutions working together, preferably under one user interface with a uniform user experience. Retail analytics offerings are being absorbed into IP video management systems (VMS) deployed on the shop floor, as well as in warehouses and distribution centres.

Heat mapping software can determine areas of high footfall. Managers can use this intelligence to improve store layouts and negotiate better deals with suppliers when offering premium display locations. IP video systems are also now being used to generate real-time alerts when queues exceed pre-defined thresholds.

“Smart queue analytics software can integrate with footfall data at store entrances so that additional tills can be opened before that fresh rush of new visitors has reached the checkout," states Mikkel Løcke Winther, Senior Product Manager at Milestone Systems.

Read the full roundtable article with Milestone's Mikkel Løcke Winther.


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