Milestone to Create “Open Platform Community” to Spur Innovation in Security Market

Longtime proponents of open platform, Milestone introduced an expanded vision to spur market innovation.

By Larry Anderson

Milestone's “Open Platform Community” vision involves more interaction and technology development, both between Milestone and its partners (including third-party manufacturers), and also among the partners themselves. But what is the substance behind the plan? Is the idea of a “community” just marketing speak, or is there more to it?

Top executives from Milestone discuss details of the new plan, and how it will benefit Milestone’s partners and the industry as a whole. Exclusive interview at MIPS 2016 with Lars Thinggaard, Milestone President and CEO; and Kenneth Hune Petersen, Milestone Chief Sales and Marketing Officer provide insight.

Thinggard: We want to enable partners to connect the dots. We have been discussing among ourselves: What does it take to get a community off the ground? And one of the things we’re doing is to set up a Partner Advisory Board.

Petersen: And also to make the SDK deeper, to make sure that when we release new features for our main product, that it gets connected to the SDK, so people can take it to the next level without our involvement.

Read the full article about Milestone's Plan to Spur Innovation through the Open Platform Community

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