Milestone Seeks to Introduce Positive Disruption into the Security Industry

Milestone CEO and President Lars Thinggaard says his company is looking for non-linear disruptive change within the security industry.

Written by Steve Lasky.

“We have reached a defining moment in our security and risk ecosystem that requires us to set the agenda and change the rules,” Thinggaard exhorted.

He stressed that 2016 will see Milestone take the next step in partner evolution with its “Partner Community Program”, which calls for several bold initiatives like:

  • Creating an Advisory Board with partners and customers on roadmap prioritization
  • Establishing a developer forum to strengthen the developer experience
  • Enhancing the SDK design and developing more documentation of the API
  • Expanding solution certifications to bolster reliability and ensure uniform quality
  • Building an online Milestone marketplace for partners to promote and sell their solutions 
  • Introducing co-marketing programs to strengthen commercial collaboration

Creating the one and open community concept allows Milestone to maximize the value proposition for its video management solutions and leverage solution innovation among its technology partners.  In 2015, Milestone saw a 30 percent rise in partner-programmed XProtect add-ons when the monthly downloads of the Milestone Software Development Kit (SDK) doubled in one year. This signals the massive interest for developing XProtect add-ons by the Milestone developer partner community who are responding to customer needs.

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