At MIPS 2016, Milestone Systems Aims to Change Integrator-Manufacturer Relationship

Paul Boucherle of Security Sales & Integration shares his insights from Milestone Integration Platform Symposium 2016.

Written by Paul Boucherle.

The call to battle has always used drums to call, unite and motivate the troops.Milestone Systems used drums very effectively to call the security community together at the 2016 Milestone Integration Platform Symposium (MIPS).

Milestone created syncopated rhythm with their eco system by engaging their community in a musical drumming exercise to make beautiful music together and burn off some calories. It’s the highest energy start to a conference I can remember at recent industry events.

Change is challenging in a company. Change is really challenging in an industry. Change is exponentially challenging when you create new business models within an established and traditional industry. That would be the security industry. (Hey, with 38 years in the security industry, I can say that!)

Business “provolution” was used by Milestone CEO Lars Thingaard to describe how the company has evolved from product focus, to company focus to now community focus. Those that lead get to write the rule book. The concept is enticing, the promised business value is very cool, and the execution is uncertain. With a track record for innovation and “proactive evolution” it may be a smart bet that the Milestone team can deliver on this vision.

Read the whole article on Milestone Systems and open community.

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