Milestone installation at Hyatt Hotels among best case stories of 2015

Case story about the Milestone installations at Hyatt Hotels has made it to the top 10 of most read stories on in 2015.

Written by: Eifeh Strom, (website for A&S International)

Case studies give us a glimpse of the real-life applications of security products in different vertical markets. Successful applications can help others learn from the challenges of different verticals and apply this knowledge to new cases.

Below a&s presents the top 10 cases studies from 2015 on, based on click rate.

5: Hyatt hotels set a global standard with Milestone Video

Hyatt Hotels owns and manages hundreds of properties worldwide. Until 2013, they had no standardized video surveillance security platform. The head of global security for Hyatt Hotels felt it was important to have a standardized security platform across its brands that would allow for integrated security and risk management, centralized support and training, and remote storage and incidence management.

In December 2012 he commissioned Hyatt's global security standards project. He reached out to VirSec Services to assist in choosing Hyatt's new platform and implementing the rollout.

As of early 2015 Milestone is online in close to 40 Hyatt properties with deployment plans in some stage of development in another 50-70 properties. The ultimate goal is all Hyatt properties.


Read the full story about Milestone and Hyatt Hotels.

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