Security and IoT: More Tied Together Than Ever

Milestone Executive share his insights on how Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming more and more intertwined with security practices.

Written by William Pao for A&S International.

The term Internet of Things (IoT) was first coined by British entrepreneur Kevin Ashton back in 1999 to describe the concept of a globally connected network of RFID devices. Today, the connected vision has become quite a reality as IoT has found its way into different parts of our lives, from safe cities to smart buildings. What does all this mean for security players? Some of our Security 50 companies share their views.

“Security devices will be tied to the IoT as ‘sensors’ in the same way that other devices like phones, cars, and refrigerators are sensor sources – all bringing data to inform our lives,” said Lars Nordenlund Friis, VP of Incubation and Ventures at Milestone Systems. “The single common thread with all these technologies is connected components working together as an efficient, integrated whole.”

In conclusion, security players have made efforts to embrace the IoT trend by making their products diverse, integrative, and intuitive. With Gartner predicting 25 billion connected devices to be in use by 2020, IoT is the future, and security players who do not embrace this trend will only see themselves become more irrelevant and marginalized in the market.


Read the full article about Milestone Systems' opinion on Internet of Things.


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