Remote Video Surveillance Makes it Possible to Supervise the Park From Anywhere

Milestone Systems shares its experience in amusement park security with video surveillance solutions.

Written by Jodi Helmer on

You expect park staff to patrol parking lots, observe ride queues, respond to incidents, and keep their hands out of the tills. But even the most effective team can’t monitor the entire facility at all times. One solution: Remote video surveillance.

As the name implies, remote video surveillance pairs cameras with software programs integrated on a network, allowing operators to monitor a live stream or recordings from a central video terminal or via devices like tablets and smartphones. The features of such a system can range from simple video cameras and motion and audio detection to sophisticated software analytics.

Protect Your Attraction

The most obvious uses for remote video surveillance include monitoring parking lots, entrance gates, restricted access areas, retail outlets, and cash registers to improve security, protect against fraudulent lawsuits, and reduce losses. The technology can also be used to observe staff.

Managers can access the feeds to confirm concessions staff are wearing gloves and following proper food storage protocols to avoid food safety issues; video can also be synched with cash registers to ensure staff are ringing up orders efficiently and returning the correct change.

“The technology has improved exponentially,” says Kevin Tart, Channel Business Manager for the Southeast region of Milestone Systems, a full-service security systems provider in Minnesota.

Enhance the Guest Experience

In addition to its security features, remote monitoring technology can be programmed to trigger alarms if guests enter unauthorized areas of the park or observe rides and equipment for wear and tear.

“High-definition cameras combined with software analytics can recognize stresses [on critical ride components] and rust, and analytics can measure movement to make sure rides are not out of specification,” says Tart.

Milestone Systems has worked with dozens of attractions to build comprehensive remote monitoring systems. The result, according to Tart, is an improved guest experience.

“There are more and more parks and attractions competing to provide the best experience, and remote monitoring can provide a huge advantage,” he explains.

Attractions use video monitoring to check ride queues. When lines are too long, operators can add extra cars to a roller coaster, relocate concession carts to boost food and beverage sales, or dispatch staff to interact with guests waiting for popular rides.


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