Spectra Logic Announces First Milestone Certified SMR Disk, Verde DPE™

Spectra’s Milestone Certified video surveillance storage solution reliably archives data at near one-third the cost of traditional disk storage

BOULDER, Colo. – September 28, 2015 - Spectra Logic, the deep storage experts, today announced that Spectra Verde DPE, the company’s new Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR)-based NAS disk platform, is certified as a long-term video retention storage solution for the Milestone XProtect® archive database. The Milestone Solution Certification verifies that Spectra Verde DPE meets the performance benchmark required to support Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS), and provides the maximum performance available to video surveillance customers.

“Spectra Verde DPE is the first SMR-based, high performance disk solution to be validated through the Milestone Certified Solution Program, and we are pleased today to announce its inclusion in Milestone’s Solution Finder,” said Reinier Tuinzing, Strategic Alliance Manager - Americas, Milestone Systems. “Spectra’s highly-scalable disk solution exceeded benchmark values by a factor of two in the documented test parameters, and Milestone XProtect customers can expect exceptional performance with our VMS.”

Spectra Verde DPE addresses present-day video surveillance storage challenges by easily and affordably retaining video at just $0.09 per gigabyte, 60 percent less than today’s disk-based storage systems. Verde DPE’s underlying SMR-based technology extends affordable long-term retention for Milestone’s XProtect archive database, allowing users to sequentially write and store petabytes of video data at a new market price point.

“This accreditation from Milestone Systems also marks the first time that an SMR-based disk product is made widely available to the video surveillance industry. It’s a distinction that confirms Spectra Verde DPE is an affordable, long-term video retention solution for Milestone XProtect VMS, featuring competitive performance well beyond Milestone’s minimum requirement for system bandwidth,” said Brian Grainger, chief sales officer, Spectra Logic.


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About Spectra Logic

Spectra Logic develops deep storage solutions that solve the problem of long term storage for business and technology professionals dealing with exponential data growth. Dedicated solely to storage innovation for more than 35 years, Spectra Logic’s uncompromising product and customer focus is proven by the largest information users in multiple vertical markets globally. Spectra enables affordable, multi-decade data storage and access by creating new methods of managing information in all forms of deep storage—including archive, backup, cold storage, cloud and private cloud. Visit: www.spectralogic.com.


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