NVR Appliances Provide Value and Ensure Savings with Expanding Functionalities

Source Security reviews how end-users, dealers, and integrators can benefit from Network Video Recorder (NVR) appliances and why NVR becomes essential for businesses that strive to have well-rounded physical security plan.

Written by Larry Anderson for Source Security

A major, oft-mentioned advantage of network video recorder (NVR) appliances is their ease of installation and use. These machines come pre-installed with software and are as close to plug-and-play as you can get in the IP video surveillance world. NVRs are also being designed to support 4K technology as well withstand a variety of applications and uses.

Dealers and integrators face a daily challenge to keep up with customer quotes, requests, and implementations, says Lars Nordenlund Friis, Vice President of Incubation and Ventures, Milestone Systems. A video appliance alleviates the need to completely design certain aspects of a video management system, instead providing a fully integrated solution building block, says Friis. These NVR building blocks can be deployed at smaller offices, bank branches, retail chain stores, remote locations, or in the central location. This allows the integrator to focus on critical aspects of the physical security system while deploying a fully integrated and optimised solution elsewhere.

NVRs or video appliances are easy to deploy with pre-installed video management software, device licenses included, and configuration wizards. There is no concern about support because the full solution, hardware and software, is supported by Milestone, says Friis.

These appliances are purpose-built to significantly reduce the time and specialised technical skills and training necessary for installation. Time is money, and this combination of benefits can add up to significant savings for end users and increased profits for dealers and integrators.

Read the full article about benefits of NVR appliances, which are also provided by Milestone Systems.

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