Pivot3 Operation with Milestone Video Software is Tested and Documented

Certification between vSTAC and XProtect ensures industry-leading availability and performance

AUSTIN, Texas — August 12, 2015 – Pivot3, a pioneer and innovator in the development of Globally Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) solutions, today announced that it has further enhanced its long-standing partnership with Milestone Systems through the certification of its HCI appliances with the XProtect® video management software suite. The certification ensures that the companies’ joint customers across the globe continue to receive the highest performance and reliability with Pivot3-Milestone installations.

The certification documents how the combination of XProtect software failover with Pivot3 vSTAC OS hardware failover ensures that video data is stored and protected to the industry’s highest standards. The test process details how the two solutions operate together, and provides customers with confidence that the technologies meet maximum performance and integration standards.

Each certification project has three phases, beginning with two scenarios of a benchmark test and a maximum performance test. Statistics from the Milestone XProtect recording servers are analyzed to determine performance rates. In both optimal and degraded mode, the Pivot3 system configured with RAID6E volumes achieves industry-leading throughput while offering unique fault tolerance to ensure continuity of video ingest under the most demanding scenarios. These positive results verify that the integration between Pivot3 and XProtect meets established best practices. Full configuration and performance data are available in the certification report.

“The Milestone Solution Certification assures that Pivot3’s high-performance, hyper-converged infrastructure solution is characterized for customer requirements,” said Reinier Tuinzing, Strategic Alliances Manager—Americas, Milestone Systems. “It provides customers and systems integrators the flexibility to reap the full benefits of their chosen surveillance infrastructure while confirming critical video and business data is not only secure, but available when needed.”

Pivot3 is a pioneer in HCI, delivering the first-generation appliance in 2008. Designed for the data-intensive needs of the surveillance market, appliances can be mixed in any combination, and system expansion is as simple as adding another appliance to the vSTAC array. Pivot3’s unique architecture protects against data loss, as well as application and hardware failures.

“The certification of our Global HCI appliances with Milestone XProtect ensures the reliability and performance of our joint customers’ video surveillance solutions. Milestone’s flexibility and compatibility with third-party architectures make them a leader in scalable VMS solutions,” said Francois Wolf, Chief Marketing Officer, Pivot3. “We have enjoyed a very strong relationship with Milestone, resulting in a significant number of large deployments around the world. This certification further extends our partnership and ensures our technologies meet the growing demands of today’s sophisticated surveillance customers.”  

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