Milestone Q&A: Refreshed Husky Range and Why Software is the “Backbone of Security Systems"

Milestone’s VP of sales EMEA, Thomas Lausten, tells IFSEC Global why Milestone has refashioned its partner programme to improve and elevate the importance of training.

Written by Adam Bannister, Content & Community Manager, IFSEC Global

IFSEC Global: So you’ve recently launched a partner programme recently…

Thomas Lausten: We changed it last year. We want to reward the partners that are investing in training.

It’s absolutely essential in the years ahead that we develop competencies with our partners, become better at listening to the market and make sure both partners and users get the full benefit of the technology.

We would like to work with established partners but also we see a need to work even more closely with Platinum and Gold partners. Those partners are basing a substantial part of their business growth on Milestone.

Obviously we appreciate and honour that and that’s why we would like to support their business with a new sales lead programme, providing leads based on their requests and feedback.

We’ve launched a new theme for partners this year it is about ‘winning together’. We spent hours on defining what this really should mean for both parties. It’s about working even closer with partners. It’s also about recognising our software is part of a more strategic investment today.

This makes knowledge about the potential of the technology that much more valuable for partners. That’s the thinking behind our refreshed partner programme.

IFSEC Global: And how do you tailor your offering to the technology buyers and users?

Thomas Lausten: We’ve launched our Milestone Care programme and Professional Services because we’ve been approached by many end users saying “your technology can do so much, but we’re not sure we’re really utilising it properly”.

That’s obviously why, together with our partners, we focus increasingly on bringing our core value proposition all the way to the end users.

End users are seeing Milestone as a very strategic business choice. And if they see it as the backbone of the system, then of course you understand why they want to employ it.

So it is no surprise that our partners have a need to support their customers with our additional professional services, training, commissioning services and extensions and upgrades to the systems. We can work alongside our partners to make sure they deliver a highly reliable video system built to last.

Ten or 15 years ago it was a completely different market.

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