The Huskies Are Here

SecurityHive Talks Husky With Milestone’s Nordenlund Friis

Written by Stan Lewis, Editor, SecurityHive

Recently, SecurityHive’s Maurice Joseph had a chance to sit down with Milestone’s Lars Nordenlund Friis, the VP of Incubation and Ventures, for a one-on-one conversation about Milestone Husky and Milestone Arcus products. Milestone Arcus is a streamlined thin-client video surveillance platform designed to be embedded in hardware devices, enabling Milestone hardware technology partners to deliver customized, market-ready solutions. The innovative Milestone Husky Series is the result of challenging the convention and delivering a more powerful, all-in-one NVR solution with optimized processing power to meet the stringent demands of any surveillance environment.

SecurityHive asked what are some of the major environments for the Milestone Husky family? “We have a three-point family lineup. We start with the Milestone Husky M10 as an entry level solution that is extremely easy to install and auto-detects all cameras; high quality components that create a truly plug-and-play solution with the Milestone software that fits into that space,” replied Mr. Nordenlund Friis. “Then as you move to the Milestone Husky M30 you have an optimized workstation level solution for high-performance, high-quality, embedded with the Milestone VMS. The M50 is a highly scalable rack mount solution capable of larger storage that is optimized for larger environments.”


Read the full interview about Milestone Husky. 

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