Petersen set to take Milestone in new directions

Security News Desk interviewed Milestone CSMO Kenneth Hune Petersen at MIPS 2015 in Las Vegas

Written by Security News desk

Kenneth Hune Petersen, the new Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Milestone Systems, is settling in nicely to his new position, just four months after taking up the post. That is what he told SecurityNewsDesk when we caught up with him at Milestone’s MIPS 2015 event in Las Vegas recently.

In an exclusive interview, he speaks warmly of the “family-like” atmosphere at Milestone and the enthusiastic reception he receives when visiting the many companies, which are part of the Milestone “ecosystem” of Solution Partners.

The zeal with which Milestone has embraced the convergence of IP and physical security with its XProtect software makes the company very attractive to work for, Petersen says. “This is such an exciting industry. The market size going forward shows there are opportunities for this industry, for Milestone, for VMS in general.”

He says, “I think you’ve got to look long to find an industry with such great potential. If you look at the numbers for the past 17 years and you see that both the NVR and VMS market where we plan an important role has more than doubled in four years’ time – well, that just doesn’t happen [in other industries].”

The industry is much richer and more interesting than he expected. “If you’re not in the industry, people think it’s just a few cameras in the air and once in a while if a burglar comes along, you rewind the tapes and take a look and maybe you recognise a face,” he says. “But, license plate recognition, access control and just what you can do with video in homes, at sports events, and outside the security industry – it’s very exciting and very compelling.”

“We can change the world in so many ways, to help secure it, to help prevent a lot of things from happening.”

Milestone’s approach to managing sales is to work closely with its partners. “We have so many opportunities and there are so many things we can do, so one thing to make sure we do is to align with our partners within our ecosystem and focus on where it is we want to start this year to ensure we have a focused view.”

One area of focus is the new XProtect Access Control Module (ACM), which can integrate with multiple systems, to manage essential access control functions from the video interface for the visual verification of alarms and events.

The market has responded well to ACM, he says. “We’ve had a very positive response and we are lucky, smart and skilled enough to have the right stuff at the right time.”

After an eventful year for the company, it is clear that Milestone Systems continues to evolve, not only in terms of technology, but also its sales and marketing strategy and its relationships with its many partners.

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