VSP Creates Takex FS-5000E and Milestone XProtect VMS Flame Detection

Takex UV flame detectors has been integrated with Milestone XProtect® software

Published by Security Electronics and Networks Magazine

Video Security Products and Takex have developed a solution that leverages the UV-Tron sensor in the Takex FS-5000E ultraviolet flame sensor; combined with the power of Milestone XProtect® VMS to detect and report fire events outside.

IDEO Security Products has teamed up with Takex to integrate the FS-5000E ultraviolet flame sensor with Milestone’s XProtect VMS. The result of their efforts is a solution that offers end users protection against arson attacks, as well as from flammable goods in storage and fast detection of bush fires.

“What we have done in this application at the VSP office is take power to the device and then run the normally-closed contact from the FS-5000E to an Adam-6060 I/O, which is capable of handling up to 6 flame sensors,” Zaki Wazir, Director of Security Video Products explains. “The Adam-6060 I/O is an IP-based input and output board that goes into the network, that Milestone picks up. It is a simple device, fully supported as a Milestone channel and one that sends the alarm code to Milestone XProtect. "

“During setup we have mapped out what we want to happen once the signal arrives at XProtect. In the case of our integration, Milestone XProtect can bring a scene up full screen as an alarm event, as well as give us control of a PTZ and other cameras views. What Milestone also allows you to do is zoom the PTZ into the required location and hold that field of view for a pre-determined time.” 

“Not only can you control angle of view and rotation, we can say, wait for 20 seconds, or point there and don’t move until the operator actions the alarm. The range of actions that XProtect can take in the event of an alarm from the FS-5000E really depends on what the end user requires.” 

“You can take a flame sensor direct to the alarm inputs of a single camera but the advantage of taking the input through Milestone is that you can map anything you want,” explains Wazir. “You can up the frame rate, send the event to devices, generate an alarm at a monitoring station - whatever you like.”

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