MIPS 2015: Largest-ever Milestone symposium keeps focus on partners

Larry Anderson from Source Security shares the highlights of Milestone Integration Platform Symposium 2015.

By Larry Anderson, Editor, Source Security

This year’s 10th anniversary Milestone Integration Platform Symposium (MIPS) was the largest ever, with 463 participants, including manufacturersintegrators and thought leaders from throughout the industry. Emphasizing Milestone’s “open platform” approach to the market, the 2015 event highlighted successful Milestone end users, new integrations with a variety of manufacturer partners, and a theme of “winning together.”

Reflecting on Canon acquisition of Milesone Systems

Less than a year ago, industry attention was focused on Canon’s acquisition of Milestone. Thinggaard filled in some of the back story on that headline-grabbing transaction, which had raised some concerns in the industry at the time about Milestone’s continued commitment to open systems.

Under Canon’s ownership, Milestone is now “backed” by a 200,000-person global Fortune 500 company, Thinggaard said. “Two things were paramount (during the acquisition),” he added. “To protect the Milestone ecosystem was a prerequisite, and second was to protect the open platform. As we learned Canon’s plans for the future, we could have these prerequisites met.” He pointed to Canon’s “long tradition” of owning stand-alone companies. An example is Onyx Graphics, owned by Canon but working independently and with Canon’s customers.

Thinggaard also mentioned Google as an example of a company that both has its own operating system and also works with other players to build open platforms.

“Nothing has changed in how we work with partners,” said Thinggaard. “We are accustomed to working with competing companies for 17 years, so confidentiality is high on our list. This is how we treat all the partners, pre- and post-Canon, nothing has changed.”

Milestone Systems remains an open platfom advocate

“When you get to the Technology Showcase, there are 48 partners exhibiting, and it’s testimony to the open platform,” said Thinggard.

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