Driver for IP cameras

VIVOTEK reports that the IP video management software firm Milestone Systems has launched a driver in Milestone XProtect Device Pack 7.8 for VIVOTEK’s IP network cameras.

Published by Professional Security Magazine. 

The firms say that this driver enables more efficient and effective communication and collaboration between VIVOTEK’s hardware and the XProtect software. As the firms say, integration of hardware and software is critical.

Christian Bohn, Milestone Systems VP Corporate Marketing & Alliances, says: “We are delighted about the new possibilities for Milestone Channel Partners and customers that this announcement brings to them. The Milestone eco system of partners now gain the full advantage of the new integration between VIVOTEK’s cameras and Milestones award winning open platform Video Management Software. This will surely be a business accelerator and an important proof of the momentum of open platform technology.”

And William Ku, Vice President, Brand Business Division, VIVOTEK, says: “VIVOTEK has been dedicated to integrating our cameras with leading software and hardware platforms. Looking at the increasing importance and significant synergy brought by the seamless integration of hardware and software, it is our great pleasure to have this dedicated driver. The cooperation with Milestone, in addition to demonstrating VIVOTEK’s strong commitment in delivering world-class security solutions, further opens up more business possibilities for both companies.”

Milestone’s Dedicated Driver in Device Pack 7.8 supports VIVOTEK’s new devices: FE8171, FD8335H, FD8135H, FE8174, FE8181 (pictured), SD8363E, SD8364E, IP8155HP, IP8165HP, FD8355EHV, FD8365EHV, IP8335H, FD8363, FD8362, FE8180, IB8367-(R), FD8167 and FD8367-V.

The XProtect Device Pack 7.8 and the Device Pack Release Notes are all available for download from the ‘downloads’ section of Milestone’s website. And for a list of supported devices, features and firmware, see Milestone’s Supported Hardware list online.

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