Video Management Systems: Meet the Leaders

Security Electronics and Networks Magazine presents Milestone System as a leader in video management systems.

Written by John Adams, Editor,  Security Electronics and Networks Magazine

Video management systems are the interface between the raw data of camera inputs and storage bins, and security management teams. The latest generation of VMS solutions is notable for its functional power and operational simplicity. And the best is yet to come.

Another of the pioneers of open platform VMS design is Milestone Systems. Milestone XProtect 2014 VMS is delivered with 3 customizable client interfaces including XProtect Smart Client, XProtect Web Client and Milestone Mobile with video push capability (using smartphone cameras to push video to XProtect or vice versa, which Milestone says is ideal for roaming security staff and first responders. 

The company’s Milestone XProtect 2014 video management software suite supports unlimited numbers of cameras, encoders and DVRs - more than 3,600 models from more than 130 manufacturers, according to Christian Bohn, Milestone’s VP marketing & strategic alliances.

“The Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK) enables integration with unlimited third-party systems and devices such as access control, video analytics, biometrics, Point-of-Sale, ERP, RFID, HVAC, laser scanners, GPS locators, gunshot detection and more.

“XProtect VMS features include automatic configuration wizards, customizable rules engine, centralized and local management, Milestone Federated Architecture and Milestone Interconnect and active directory support with flexible/tiered user rights management,” Bohn explains. 

According to Bohn, Milestone XProtect VMS is reliable and proven in thousands of customer installations worldwide and has been listed as a global leader by IHS Inc. market research repeatedly since 2006. 

“Our open platform technology and business model mean that Milestone customers can choose from the widest options in hardware, integrations and partners to fit any budget – and to upgrade their solution over time, leveraging the original investment as needs change and new innovations come out in the market,” says Bohn. 

“The Milestone SDK is a big differentiator, including training, and certifications of Milestone Solution Partner offerings include documented test results with best practice guidelines.

Bohn certainly sees video analytics as a key trend at the moment.

“Video analytics are seeing more uptake these days with prices and availability having improved,” he explains. “Analytics helps to filter the most important data from the video, saving on bandwidth and storage, cutting search times, and enabling easier investigations. Milestone Systems lists many types of video analytics integrations with XProtect VMS in the online Solution Finder, from more than 30 different video analytics companies.”

Bohn has a clear idea of what end users should be looking for in a VMS solution. 

“A full product suite to give the most options in pricing and functionality covering all needs, big or small, simple or complex,” he says. “End users want reliability, flexibility, scalability and freedom of choice to grow and expand with integrations over the long run. You also want a fully documented SDK for doing the integrations and a comprehensive training program for partners that ensures ongoing expertise.” 

Installers should be looking for different things, according to Bohn. 

“Partners need solid support from software vendors, both in sales leads and activities like webinars, events and road shows, marketing and PR that keeps the brand and solutions visible and known in the market (making sales easier),” Bohn says. 

“They also need good sales collateral, training and follow-up technical support for implementation, maintenance and upgrades. Regular upgrades like ongoing device pack releases and new software features also mean continual business opportunities for partners.”

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